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We want you to learn everything coffee from understanding the core principles of extracting good flavour from beans to exploring the unique quirks of each brew method. We’re here to show you it all and teach you some neat tricks baristas use along the way. 


Our expert reviews and guides take the stress out of shopping for your perfect home coffee setup.


From budget brews to scientific steeps, we’ll share our years of expertise to ensure you are confident picking the perfect gear.
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The caffeine hackers are your personal, professional baristas.

We have spent thousands of hours living breathing and drinking all things coffee and we realised it was probably time to write some of it down.

Customers would come in the cafe all time asking for advice on what to look for in a good espresso machine or if light roast was better than dark and whether there is really a difference between arabica and robusta coffees?

We loved chatting with coffee enthusiasts but it’s hard to discuss varietals & terroir whilst balancing a tray of lattes in one hand and steaming milk in the other. This is why we started caffeine hackers, so we can help support budding baristas without being run off our feet at the same time.

Don’t drink bad coffee

There’s a shocking amount of fad products & bad beans out there. We will never recommend something we wouldn’t buy ourselves… We’re pretty picky so you know the recommendations are both informed and genuine.

Learn barista secrets

Most things in coffee take practice and patience but there’s a few sneaky tricks that elevate your morning brew to heavenly status. You can find good tried and tested advice in all our guides.

Don’t waste your money.

We aren’t in the business of recommending crap coffee gadgets that will be in landfill in a year. We can always find you high quality brew equipment to suit any budget.